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Spain Tours is a division of Blue Danube Holidays. We are wholly owned and run by the Grabrovaz Family in Atlanta, Georgia. We are proudly passionate about European travel, it’s our life’s work. Our team is made up of mature, well traveled and experienced professionals. We hand pick our Spanish, Portuguese and Moroccan tours to bring you the best quality, variety & value.

Tim & Sarah Grabrovaz

Tim is an Australian native, raised in Johannesburg,  London, Adelaide and Sydney. Sarah was born in New Zealand and raised in Leamington Spa and Christchurch. Both spent their early careers in corporate life in Australia where they met. They moved to the USA in 2008 and settled in beautiful Georgia to raise a family. Tim and Sarah have two children who also LOVE to travel.

“We share our passion by helping people discover Spain through quality tours with unique experiences. Come let our family give yours an unforgettable travel experience. ”

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Spain Tours is a division of
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