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We hope you find our Spain Tours Blog interesting. We will endeavour to show different sides of Spain that are not always so accessible from the outside.Blog

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The Regions of Spain

The Regions of Spain are many and varied. They have been influenced by Muslim, Jewish and Christian interests. There are iconic landmarks including the Alhambra, an ornate Moorish palace in Granada, and the Sagrada Família, Antoni Gaudí’s elaborate cathedral in Barcelona. Savor the cuisine in Catalonia, famous for imaginative food and cafes. Feel the passion...
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Barcelona was on my Bucket List for Many Years – Part 1

Barcelona was on my Bucket List for Many Years, at least as long as I  had a bucket list, but it seemed a visit was unlikely to happen for many years. You need to seize opportunities when they come, even with the difficulties that they present. My plan was to fly to the UK try...
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The Top 5 Alternative Places to Visit in Madrid

The Top 5 Alternative Places To Visit In Madrid, is a blog in which we hope to give you some more choices. You may find yourself with a spare day before your tour departs from Madrid, lucky you! Or you may just have returned to Madrid from Barcelona or Andalucía and you’re wondering how to...
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