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Spain is a very popular year-round destination with tens of millions of visitors each year. You can enjoy pleasant weather throughout the year in most parts of the country with low humidity and there is no rainy season. Sightseeing is a delightful activity in all seasons with a huge selection of world-class historical treasures from prehistoric caves to Moorish castles and cities and towns preserved from the Middle Ages. Andalusia is the birthplace of fiery Flamenco, elegant Madrid is famous for its art galleries, with hundreds of other lively and dynamic cities filled with fine shops and excellent restaurants. We offer a large selection of escorted tours in Spain Portugal and Morocco for every budget in first class and standard hotel categories.

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Escorted Tours Departures from Madrid 

Andalusia -Toledo Tour 4days or 7 days 2N 

Viva Andalusia 5 days  (Thu) 1A

Andalusia short tour from Madrid (Mon) 1B (A)

Madrid - Andalucia - Barcelona in 7days  (Mon) 4A

Madrid and Andalusia in 7days  (Sat) 4B

Mediterranean Coast & Barcelona 7days or 10 days 6N

Andalusia, Costa del Sol, Toledo 6days   (Tue)

Andalusia, Levante 9days    (Tue) 8N

Galicia - Rias Bajas 8 days  (Apr-Oct) 9N

Cantabrico-Rias Bajas Northern Spain tour 11 days 10N

Colors of Spain 9 days/8nights or 8days/7nights 11S

Charming Spain 8 nights/9days or 9nights/10days 12S

Spain Tour North and South 14days/13nights 13S

Spain Tour Heart and Soul 6 nights/7 days  14S

Spain and Morocco Combined  

Andalusia - Morocco 12days (Thu.) 15A

Andalusia - Costa Del Sol - Morocco 12days (Wed) 16N

Andalusia-Morocco-Costa Del Sol - Levant 16days 17N

Departures from Barcelona

Northern Spain Tour with Basque Land 9days (Apr-Oct) 18N

The North of Spain 10days/9 nights  21S

Andalucía from Barcelona  5 days/6 nights 22A

Barcelona to Andalucia, Costa del Sol and Madrid  9days/8nights 23A

Tour Barcelona Andalucia and Madrid in 8days  23B

Andalucía from Barcelona  6 days (Wed or Sun) 52A

Small Group Tour Barcelona Madrid (max.15 ppl) 7 days/8 nights 56A

Morocco Departures from Costa del Sol

Costa Del Sol/Morocco 7day (Fri or Sat) A24

Costa Del Sol / Morocco 6 daysTour  (Sun) 25N

Independent Tours and City Packages in Spain

Spain and Portugal Combinations

To cover the entire Iberian peninsula try the following Spain and Portugal combination tours for the complete experience either from Madrid or Barcelona

Morocco Only Tours (from Casablanca or Fez)

It is not possible to see in one trip everything Spain has to offer, the country part of Europe but with very interesting unique features different from others countries of the continent. There is something unique about Spanish cities and landscape. Maybe it has to do with their age and the country’s location in the southernmost west of Europe surrounded by seas, or the contrast of  each region's culture and history. 

The area has been a refugee of peoples since prehistoric times and attracted during the ages different groups of ethnicity and religion that built important centers of culture in different parts of the peninsula.

Caves testify to the country’s oldest inhabitants. The oldest piece of human bone in Europe has been found in Spain, an early testament to human cohabitation with Neanderthals. The Cave of Altamira near Santander with its sophisticated paintings of bisons, boar and horses give evidence to an old Stone Age  hunting culture. 

In historic times the oldest cities can trace their origins to enigmatic Phoenicians, Iberians and Celts, Germanic tribes and of course the powerful Romans. Later several kingdoms of Iberia with their own distinctive culture, artistic traditions, cityscapes and attitudes colorized the land. 

Every region you visit has its own favor, traditions and artistic excellence. Madrid, with its formal regal splendors, medieval Castilian towns of the middle plains, Barcelona with it lively promenades of the Las Ramblas;  Valencia, the Vibrant Levantine city with lively art scene and nightlife;  the northern regions of green Spain with their maritime cultures, Celtic settlements and elegant seaside promenaded bays. The white villages of Andalucía glitter in the mid-day sun with fiery Seville having given birth to passionate  Flamenco.  Cordoba  and its Moorish Mesquita and of course the marvel of Spain, Grandada’s outstanding Moorish palace, the Alhambra and its gardens of Generalife, once headquarters  of Spain’s Moorish kingdom, are an absolute must to see for all visitors.


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